Your Primordial Movement Gym Bag

A few weeks ago, I shared with you the key elements of our Primordial Movement equipment that we use when we’re living nomadically. If you missed this post, you can see it here.
If you aren’t carrying all your belongings in a single back-pack and have a dedicated gym bag, here are a few more items to add to the list. These are the types of items that are great to have on-hand when you find yourself with an opportunity to use a high bar or beam, two well spaced trees or posts, or just a little more room for carrying around mobility equipment that will pretty much rock your world!
The Primordial Gym Bag contains everything that is in the Primordial Traveler Pack, plus:

  • Timer – A dedicated timer is important for keeping track of timed-sets and workouts. Whether you’re resting between sprints or timing your plank-hold, a good quality timer will keep you honest. Although a Smart Phone is a good option for the Primordial Traveler, it never can quite match the timer which has no other function than to keep track of your timed training.
  • Rock tape – Also know as Kinesio Tape, this stuff flexes and bends, yet also keeps joints more stable and on track. It helps protect an injured area as well as helps prevent further injury.
  • Gymnastics rings – One of our favorites. There is a near limitless amount of upper-body exercises that can be done on gymnastics rings. Whenever possible, we bring along a pair because of their portability and versatility.
  • Arm-aide – When we were traveling around the United States in our truck, one of us inevitably had this contraption strapped to our leg, working out aches and pains in our arms, elbows and wrists. This vice-looking contraption is a bit bulky and only really has the purpose of providing massage and myofascial release to the arms, but it does such a great job that we think it deserves a spot in the Primordial Movement Gym Bag for sure!
  • Quad baller – Far superior to a steel water bottle, a dedicated roller for tight quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves is a must.
  • Door jam pull-up bar – If you have a solid door jam where one of these can easily be put up or taken down, you won’t be sorry that you’ll constantly be reminded that there is hanging or pull-ups to be done. Having a pull-up bar in your own home or office means that you never have an excuse and can get a lot of bar-time in throughout the day.
  • Yoga mat – We use ours everywhere. On the grass, on the living-room floor, in a gym, pretty much anywhere you want a softer, grippier surface.
  • Slack-line – Although you have to be conscientious about where to string one of these up (not ruining trees or foliage), we’ve found many instances when we’d wished we had ours on hand when on the go. Don’t make that mistake and get one for your own Primordial Movement Gym Bag!


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