Recovering from Injuries

Back in April, I decided to get an MRI done on my knee. I had hurt it about 10 years prior and it still bothered me now and then. So living in Thailand where medical procedures are cheap, I thought – “what the heck, let’s see if there’s anything there”.

The results came back showing that my knee was completely healthy – no signs of injury. It was great news, I was glad to know that the self work I had done paid off and that my body had healed nicely. 

The very next week as, I was practicing a side flip at the local gymnastics gym, I landed wrong and injured the exact same knee I had just had an MRI on! Bummer. It had been a great session before the incident. Back to the doctor I went – this time the MRI showed up with a slight fracture to my knee. I left the doctor’s office with the sinking feeling that comes with knowing that it may be a while before I could walk pain-free, let alone perform acrobatics.

Within two months, I was back at it – tumbling on our Air Track floor** and I’m walking pain free with my range of motion completely restored. Incidentally, I used the very same techniques to heal my ankle after another tumbling injury about two years ago. I can honestly say that I have never healed from injuries like this so quickly and with so much lasting success. In the next article I’ll tell you how I did it.


**If you’re interested in getting your very own Air Track floor, mention Ramman Turner at Primordial Playground and we will get a small referral payment. It’s no extra cost to you, but it helps us to continue to find great tools to help you with your training.