Your Primordial Playground 

I’ve been sharing with you lately about our favorite items for a Primordial Movement Gym. First, I gave the must-haves for a Primordial Movement Traveler on the go – the bare necessities that can fit easily into any travel pack. You can see those items here. Then, I elaborated on that list to include the Primordial Movement Gym Bag items that we can’t live without when we have a little more leeway space-wise and not living out of a back-pack. 
This post is dedicated to the Primordial Movement Gym that has a devoted space in your home, office, or just wherever you need it to be. It includes equipment that is much more difficult to move around and therefor makes up your own personal gym.
The Primordial Garage Gym includes equipment ideas for someone who buys into the minimal idea, but has a space dedicated to training. The list includes everything that is in the Primordial Movement Traveler Pack and the Primordial Movement Gym Bag, plus:

  • Sand-bags – We use these as functional movement weights to train picking up heavy, awkward things. They’re also great for stacking around larger pieces of equipment to add stability.
  • Panel mats – Add a softer training floor for doing things like rolls, jumps and certain mobility work. They also can be folded and stacked for height to work on box jumps or back-bend work.
  • Medicine balls – We like medicine balls for practicing movements we’re not as certain on doing with a full Olympic bar or for throwing (e.g. wall-balls) and added weight for things like sit-ups.
  • Parallettes – We made a set of these for ourselves when we were living in Chiang Mai, Thailand so we could work on press-handstands, planche-work, tuck-holds and hand-stands.
  • Kettle bells – Come in various weight-sets, though our favorite are the ones that start heavy and just get heavier. These are a must for Kettle-bell Swings, can be used for weight in air-squats or Turkish-get-up, and are a good alternative to regular hand-weights.
  • Weight vest – A specially made vest to which you add or remove weights and increase your personal mass as you’re training.
  • Dowels – We keep coming up with new uses for these. They can be broom handles, pvc pipes, staffs, really – any stick that is evenly balanced. Some of our favorite exercises include shoulder dislocates, elbow and wrist strengthening, and agility work.
  • Dream Machine – Also called a 50/50 machine, this apparatus does the opposite of a weight vest; it actually helps you to be lighter so you can train hanging exercises with less weight to move. This puppy has been a GAME CHANGER for both of us!

Optional (bigger ticket items)

  • AirTrick Floor – Want to practice flips and tricks in your own backyard? That’s what the AirTrack Factory has created. It’s a HUGE, durable inflatable mattress that allows you to practice moves that were once reserved to a gymnastics center or specialty gym. We love ours and only wish we could take it everywhere with us! If you are interested in one of these mats, please be sure to mention that you learned about it from Ramman Turner 🙂
  • GHD – The Glute-Hamstring-Developer is the only machine you’ll see us recommend. It’s designed to help you work often-times untapped parts of the body by both allowing for elongation and contraction in the core, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • Squat Rack – Choose wisely. Our favorite squat racks double as a rack for barbell training, but also as a pull-up bar for attaching rings, doing band-work and setting up the Dream Machine.
  • Concept 2 Rower – Get your cardio on with this total-body trainer. We use ours in WODs, as a warm-up, or even for rehab on certain injuries.
  • Olympic Lifting Set – Another multi-use set that includes all the basics – your bar bell and weights. You can use it in conjunction with the Squat Rack 🙂
  • Stall bar – A wide rung ladder that can be fastened to a sturdy wall. This is another piece of equipment that has near endless uses. We use one whenever we can find one (sometimes even the ladders on playgrounds) to do band-work, leg lifts, flag work, and deep stretches.


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