Which path will you choose?

A while back, we discussed two metaphors for viewing our lives. You can read the full post here. The first was of the small boat in the stormy sea and the second was the tranquil pond with the pebble. Which one works best for you?
It is normal to feel that your life is like that small boat in the sea, guided by external circumstances. Some days are calm and beautiful. Other days are dark and stormy. You don’t know what each day will bring or where you are going because you feel that you have little control over how things unfold. It’s the luck of the draw.
The life of an extraordinary person is quite different. While extraordinary people are still exposed to the whim of unexpected events, they are more resilient to the chaos. This is because they are prepared for uncertainty. Despite outward appearances, the ability for extraordinary people to appear in control of their lives is reflective of the great deal of conscious effort into crafting their vision of reality. Extraordinary people know exactly what they want and choose their daily activities in ways that support their goals.
Rather than succumb to the mercy of the storm, be the pebble that radiates your intention outward into the world. In the still image of our Pebble in the Pond© model, three concentric circles radiate from the center. Each ripple signifies one aspect of your life. The first ripple represents your personal mind state. This is your attitude, the general outlook on life. More specifically, this connects to you mental frame and internal dialogue. Are you a positive or negative person? Are you confident with your abilities to achieve what you desire or are you insecure and unsure that you have what it takes to be happy?

The second ripple in the pond is an extension of the first and represents your physical fitness and health. We all come in a variety of shapes and sizes and possess different degrees of talent and ability. However, a person with a healthy mind should use it to optimize the function of her body. Taking the steps to maintain a healthy body with whatever you have to work with is key to becoming an extraordinary person.

Extending outward yet further into the third ripple, we discover our larger connection to the world. I refer this to the spiritual domain because it includes aspects of life that are larger than our personal minds and bodies. This region of our experience is all about relationships, the complex interconnections we have with the people around us and with nature itself.

You and you alone get to choose if you will be the boat tossed around at sea or if you will be the Pebble in the Pond radiating out and determining your own path. Although it is quite often true that you cannot control the thoughts and actions of those around you, you can control how you are affected and how you will navigate your own journey.

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