Pebble in the Pond

Redesigning your life combines the process of deep self-reflection with hard-hitting practicality. It involves learning better ways to solve the problems standing between you and a more fulfilling life. To accelerate this process, I’d like to introduce you the Pebble in the Pond© metaphor.

Imagine yourself in a small boat afloat in the ocean. A vicious storm is upon you. A torrent of rain chills you to the bone and gale-force winds hit you with such fury that they threaten to knock you overboard. Immense waves crash over the deck your little boat threatening to crush it. You stand at the mercy of the vast ocean. Will you survive the storm or will you be lost forever at sea? Connect this imagery with the experiences we’ve all had in life: Our frantic schedules, tumultuous relationships, the inundation of endless expectations, missed deadlines and crushing failures. At times, living in this world can be overwhelming. Our dreams are too often drowned by the continual struggle to keep up with our daily responsibilities.

Now, picture a still pool of water. In contrast to the storm, not a single ripple is visible on its glassy surface. Imagine you are standing over the pool holding a pebble. This pebble represents the actualization of all of your dreams and goals. Now drop the pebble in the center of the pond. Watch as the ripples radiate outward from this one act of intention.

 I can’t begin to explain how powerful this metaphor has been in my life. It has even become a meditation of sorts. When in times of chaos, take a moment to remember the image of the pebble dropping into the still tranquil water of the pond. Try it out and let me know how it works for you. In a future post, we’ll be taking this idea of the Pebble in the Pond a little deeper and showing you ways it can be applied in a way that will change your life for the better. 


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