2016 Top Fitness Trends

…did you know that my Primordial Movement training system includes 8 out of 10 of the top fitness trends of 2016 according to a recent survey. 
Check it out here:
This is important because trends are different than fads. According to the article, the difference is “that a fad is a phenomenon that blows up quickly, lasts only for a short time, then, fades away. A trend is something that gains momentum and can create long-term impact in the way people think or behave. In other words, a trend is a ‘movement.’”
So what does that mean for you?
Well, you can either:
1) Ignore the cutting-edge advice fitness experts are recommending to their clients.
2) Consider incorporating a mix of functional fitness workouts like body-weight training, strength training, high-intensity training, active stretching, and anti-aging protocols into you routine.
…in fact, long before this report came out, I’ve been helping my clients transform their bodies using Primordial Movement training. If you’d like to see my latest advice you should check this out now.