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Strength + Flexibility + Coordination = Freedom of Movement

Primordial Playground offers a holistic approach for people looking to awaken their physical potential. We know that diversity of movement is integral to a healthy lifestyle and it extends beyond the gym. Long-lasting vitality and physical prowess come with discovering new ways to move. Our programs encourage you to use your imagination, to test your limitations, and to find ways to transform your world into your playground. ​ 


“I was drawn to working with Ramman because I came to a new epiphany about what it means to be fit. Getting stronger is one thing. Improving flexibility is another. But putting those two things together with a third ingredient of learning to move is what can make us more capable of anything. I started training with Ramman at the age of 43, and now I’m moving in ways I don’t think I could have in my 20s. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”
                                 ~Chris Rall, “Busy but fit Portland dad”


As an instructor he is is knowledgeable, has great attention to detail and knows how to get results. Ramman embodies fitness. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to, ‘get in shape,’ and find that the skills I learned in his sessions are still with me in my personal practice of staying physically fit.
~Lewis Childs Pollard, Professional Songwriter & Musician