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Congratulations again for making the investment in The 90-Day Primordial Movement™ Crash Course! Your body is going to thank you for it.

When I first got started physically training, there wasn’t a lot of good information out there for how to develop balanced strength, flexibility, coordination, and agility. I desperately wanted to awaken my potential. Everywhere I looked, it seemed people either had what it took to be extraordinary movers—or they didn’t. Not many people were talking about how to train to be better at movement.

Early on, I was deeply inspired by great martial artists, dancers, climbers, and acrobats, but I didn’t feel particularly talented myself. Then again, I wasn’t going to accept being mediocre either. I still vividly remember the time when I swore to myself that I was going to dedicate my life to improving the capacity of my mind and body to the highest degree possible. Along the way, I’ve discovered a lot of secrets—secrets that I can’t wait to share with you.

Over the past 20 years I’ve sought out the best ways to teach people how to move their bodies better. Now I’ve combined everything I’ve learned into the Primordial Movement system. Primordial Movement is a family of fundamental physical skills that allow you to build and maintain functional strength, dynamic flexibility, and extraordinary agility for a lifetime.

I’ve created an online personal training system unlike any other—it works your whole body in a dynamic and interconnected way. Now you can experience the best of what I’ve learned no matter where you are in the world.

My inspiration for Primordial Movement comes from my diverse background in:

  • Kung Fu
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Bagua Zhang
  • Bujinkan Ninjutsu
  • Capoeira
  • Breakdance
  • Rock-climbing
  • Gymnastics
  • Pilates
  • Gyrotonic®
  • Yoga
  • Parkour/Freerunning
  • CrossFit
  • Sports and Exercise Science Research 

Why should you be doing Primordial Movement?

My system offers a fun and effective way to become and remain in the best shape of your life. I’ve designed the 90-day crash course around the six fundamental human movement domains so that your development will be as well rounded as possible. In the process of training Primordial Movements, you’ll be re-patterning your nervous system and strengthening the connective tissues of your body in ways that stimulate lasting change. With time, you’ll become a stronger, suppler version of yourself. You’ll become someone who is capable of doing more than you ever thought possible.

The primary focus of Primordial Movement training is to help you move with more freedom. This program will increase your strength-to-bodyweight ratio, develop your lean muscle mass, and unlock stiff joints that are restricting your mobility. Over time, you will also find that your body will become more resistant to injury. Through a variety of joint strengthening exercises and agility drills, your muscles, tendons, joints, and bones—will benefit from the healing power of movement.

This program is also designed to fit into your personal schedule. It helps you build the habit of training wherever you are and whenever you want. Of course, you will have to make time for it, but as I will show you, it’s easy to fit in the exercises and drills into the nooks and crannies of your day. The workouts require no gym membership or expensive equipment.

How to Prepare for Primordial Movement

The very first step to becoming an extraordinary mover is to define what it is that you really want to be able to do with your body. I’ve designed a step-by-step process to guide you in setting clear goals for attaining the health, fitness, and skill level that you desire. This process is very important, so don’t skip it. My goal-setting formula is based on the strategies set forth in my book War of Self: The 7 Weapons of Self-Mastery, which if you haven’t read yet is definitely worth checking out. Click here for more infoBut for now, head over to the Six-Step Goal-Setting Formula, and follow the directions for setting the goals you’d like to achieve while training with me. After you learn how to set yours goal(s) using this technique, you’ll have a powerful tool for making things happen in all areas your life. Click here to take you to the Six-Step Goal-Setting Formula

What is included in The 90-Day Primordial Movement Crash Course?

In summary, your crash course includes:

  • Proven goal-setting formula designed to make your personal transformation a reality. Based on the strategies detailed in my book War of Self: The 7 Weapons of Self-Mastery. For further reading, buy the book here:
  • Weekly training overviews of what to expect delivered directly to your inbox. Each week you’ll receive a fresh training schedule including warm-ups and cool-downs, movement progressions, strength & conditioning workouts, and flexibility exercises. Everything is handpicked to enhance your total physical development.​
  • Daily training plans and progressions that guide you through the six fundamental domains of Primordial Movement. 

***Important note about how to customize your workout***

I recommend that you comply as closely as possible to the prescribed schedule for the first couple weeks.  You may not be used to the idea of training diverse movement patterns. Give your body time to adapt. In other words, make a habit of getting the exercises I suggest done before adding other physical training, sports or activities to your plate. This isn’t to say that you can’t do other things, just make sure you don’t burn yourself out in the process. The best results come with consistency.
Your results will also depend on how committed you are to bringing your very best to every session. Your body does a lot for you and it’s only fair that you plan a sacred time for it. Give back to your body and it will reward you. Trust me.
Every day of week, this program has a specific focus:
     DAY 1:               Crawling
     DAY 2:               Jumping
     DAY 3:              Balancing
     DAY 4:              Rolling
     DAY 5:              Agility
     DAY 6:              Upper Body Pulling
     DAY 7:               Recovery/Active Rest day
Similarly, each day follows this basic scheme:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Movement Practice
  3. Strength & Conditioning
  4. Cool-down & Recovery Techniques

I’ve scheduled at least some movement for every day of the week. Some days are harder than others. If you are already fairly conditioned and you feel that your need more challenge, feel free to practice more than the basic program I offer. This can look like adding more sets or repetitions to the suggested exercises or practicing some of the more challenging drills more often.
The daily movement themes I’ve mentioned above are just suggestions that I feel flow in a nice sequence. However feel free to switch the days around as you see fit. Just be sure to complete all of the workouts by the end of each week.
You can also consolidate days (e.g. If you can’t train every day or if you miss a day) if it’s necessary to fit everything in. Similarly, if you need to break up the workouts into smaller chunks, you can opt to spread the drills and exercises throughout each day. Just remember, it is still your responsibility to get everything done by the end of each week.
To keep track of what sessions you’ve already completed, I’ll be sending you checklists with all of the workouts and exercises that are to be done for a given week. These checklists will come in handy particularly if you mix up the routine a bit. When you receive your checklist for the week, simply print it off and take it with you when you exercise.

​Still have more questions?

I am happy to answer any further questions about the program. You can reach me at: